The dataset is available for download in Geo JSON format. It includes names of public and private entities, business descriptions, addresses and geocoding. Original data source is drawn from the Hong Kong section of The Chronicle & Directory for China, Japan & the Philippines (Hong Kong : Hongkong Daily Press, 1900-1933).

While the dataset is freely accessible, however, when you publish these data based on the dataset, you are required to cite the data in your publication and include the following acknowledgements:

  • Michael Ng, Edwin Chow, David W.S. Wong and Carlo Lo, “Historical GIS study of Hong Kong, 1900s-1940s” (funded by Research Grant Council of the Hong Kong Government, project code: HKU 17407214)
  • Historical GIS of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong Libraries,

Please note that Historical GIS of Hong Kong database is created for personal and non-commercial use, any commercial use of the database contents is prohibited without prior permission from the University of Hong Kong Libraries.

GeoJSON (1900 - 1933)